What’s The Literary Atlas?

Email: jd [at] theliteraryatlas [dot] com

I chose to name this site The Literary Atlas because books send readers on a journey.  A reader might end up in Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg Ohio, Stephen King’s Castle Rock in Needful Things, or Down and Out in Paris and London with George Orwell.  Whether it’s fairy tales, mysteries, historical fiction, memoirs, scientific or religious texts, a reader travels in his or her mind with the book as a guide.  A map.  An atlas.  And like any other traveler on any other journey, the reader changes in some way from the experience.

At The Literary Atlas, you can follow my journey through book reviews from the classics to cyberpunk to urban fantasy and every genre in between. I detour through nonfiction, and I switch transit between hard copy and e-book formats. I love a good, long trip through a novel as much as a short jaunt through a short story or a novella.

Of course, it’s always better to travel with someone, so if you have a comment about a book, feel free to submit it.

See you ’round,



2 thoughts on “What’s The Literary Atlas?

    • Hi, I had a book review site a few years ago. I decided to begin a new one because I missed being part of the book reviewer blogging community.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

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