Indexing (Kindle Serial) by Seanan McGuireI’m not done with Indexing by Seanan McGuire because it’s a serial novel and I’ll receive the next episode in two weeks.  However, I’ve read a good portion of the book so far and I wanted to share with everyone what I think of it so far.  It’s a shame that Indexing is a serial novel because I want to keep reading it.  Badly.

In Indexing, McGuire creates a world in which some people become fairy tale characters.  In this world, Henry, Sloan, Andy, and Jeff form a field team for the ATI Management Bureau, an organization created to fight The Narrative and stop fairy tales from breaking into our world and taking it over.  Each field team member has a connection to a particular fairy tale and each member has escaped the Narrative, but there’s always a risk of The Narrative trapping each of them in its fairy tale world.  The field team has a low opinion of storytellers, especially Sloan, who sees storytellers as working for The Narrative. I find the storyteller as the enemy motif an intriguing idea.

McGuire creates well-developed, likable characters with distinct personalities.  So far, McGuire creates plenty of intrigue, drama, and action to keep this story interesting and entertaining.  There’s even a sliver of romance.

Sometimes I find the explanations for how The Narrative targets its potential victims confusing and I have to re-read certain sections, but overall  I find Seanan McGuire’s Indexing a fresh take on the fairy tale redux “genre.”  It’s also just plain fun.


3 thoughts on “Indexing

  1. Hi JD,
    Sounds like a fascinating premise – and perfect fodder for R.I.P! I’ve marked it as TBR on Goodreads so I won’t forget about this one.

  2. Enjoyed the serials post. Since I’m serializing my own novel as I polish it, I am getting familiar with both the posting side (Tuesdays – haven’t missed one since I started in February), and the terror side – as it takes me far longer than I expect to polish, revise, and finish new scenes – the buffer I created for myself when I began only has so many finished scenes in it.

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