Save Fairfax County Public Libraries

Modernizing Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Libraries may result in degrading the system.  The proposed beta project seeks to modernize Fairfax County’s Public Library system through reducing staff, almost total elimination of children’s programs, and the elimination of professional librarians.

What?  Libraries without librarians?  Yes, that’s right.  According to Charles Keener, as reported in the article Bulova Calls for More Public Input on Library Changes in the Annandale VA Blog, “No job in the library system will require anyone to have a degree in library science. . .No jobs will be called ‘librarian,’ and they are getting rid of children’s librarians.”

In a conversation I had with a Fairfax County Library employee, the proposed beta project lacks input from the County’s library staff as a whole.  The employee also told me that employees all across the library system are afraid to voice their concerns over the proposed project because of possible negative repercussions.  As Keener notes in the article mentioned above, “some low-level employees who expressed their concerns on an internal blog for library staff were surprised to receive phone calls directly from  [Fairfax County Public Libraries Director Sam] Clay.”

Additional changes will occur if the proposed beta project becomes a reality.  Find out all about them and related issues to this proposed project here:

Do you live in Fairfax County, VA?  Help our librarians and sign the petition to postpone implementation of the 2013 beta project, and re-evaluate its direction. Express your opposition (or outrage) to the proposed beta project and express your support for Fairfax County Libraries by contacting Sharon Bulova at 703-324-2321, TTY 711 or


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